Hear For You.

Fishkill, NY

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Lori Biasotti at the Family Hearing Center in Fishkill, New York was recommended to me about four years ago. 30 years ago, I had cancer and after much chemotherapy, surgeries, and a bone marrow transplant, I survived. However, the Doctors told me that some day, my hearing  would diminish, and I may need to get hearing aids. I didn't realize it, until my family pointed out to me just how much I was missing in conversations.  I was suffering at home, at work, and at play -not being able to hear important conversations. After my visit with Dr. Biasotti, and getting my hearing aids, I discovered just how much of the conversations I was missing. I am very grateful for The Family Hearing Center.

- The Rev. Keith W. Tamlyn


"(What I like best about Family Hearing Center is) The Family Hearing Center Audiologist instills a sense of confidence as she pursues her target steadily, tenaciously, and unhurried to give the very best hearing aid designed for your personal, specific problem."

"(What I like best about my hearing aids) (I get a) deep sense of satisfaction to hear that soft musical tone indicating that the hearing aids are balanced and programmed to the specific volume selected, but which still gives maneuverability to adjust as needed."

-William R. Updegraff, M.D., retired Ear, Nose and Throat physican


"Lori, I wanted to share with you (an incident) a couple of weeks ago my wife and I went upstate.  I had my  hearing aids in and was wearing my bluetooth single ear head set (on my good ear).  At some point during the trip I realized we were listening to the radio and talking to each other.  I commented to my wife, we have never been able to do this.  I think there was a single tear drop from my eye.  Probably the wind blew something in my eye.  Real men don't cry or so I'm told.  Anyhow, I was blown away by this and very happy I finally spent the time to get hearing aids and that I found you and the rest of the staff over there.  After trying with two other audiologists that could seem to care less about really helping me.  The time, effort and patience you all put into my issues is very much appreciated.  Thank you."



"I have been seeing Lori Biasotti and staff for over 10 years for my hearing needs. Lori has always taken the time to explain my results and what options were available to me. What I like about Lori is she understands your situation since she too has hearing loss. Lori understood my financial situation and was able to work within my means and never pressured me into something I did not need. I have not been disappointed with the devices or the service received from Family Hearing Center."

~ JC

"I was hesitant to go for a hearing test, however the experience at your center was exceptional."

~ JD

"It is such a pleasure to hear better. Thank you for your expertise and your friendly, caring service."

~ AH

"Can’t ask for a better experience. Not rushed. Everything explained clearly. All options with benefits and drawbacks were offered."

~ LL

"If it hadn’t been for you, I would still be without hearing aids, since others said they wouldn’t help. They were wrong."

~ JM

"Thanks for your help. Life is better and my family is happier!"

~ MF

"The care and the service is great. You can call them anytime – they are always there for you."

~ EO

"Initial fitting and follow-up service is best I have experienced in over 25 years of wearing hearing aids."


"I love my new hearing aids. People tell me I am not as loud and I don’t say ‘What?’ as much. Everyone is very pleasant and helpful – not much of that left in business."

~ LK

"I have found the folks at Family Hearing Center to be friendly and very helpful. Dr. Russo is a pleasure to work with. I purchased my first set of hearing aids and the results have been remarkable. I'm very happy with the center and the hearing aids."