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 Not only is May Better Hearing and Speech Month, a week in May(11-17) was also National Women’s Health Week.  According to the Better Hearing Institute, women are more likely to experience depression than men with hearing loss.  Also there are other women’s health issues, such as heart disease and diabetes, than have been linked with hearing loss (Better Hearing Institute).  Addressing hearing loss in women  and enhancing communication abilities can help with all relationships in a woman’s life and home and at work. Better relationships definitely add to better well-being. 


In the U.S., as many as one-third of women in their 50s and two-thirds of women in their 60s have some degree of hearing loss. (Better Hearing Institute).  Fortunately since hearing aids can help most of these women, treatment is available.


10 Reasons Why Hearing and Hearing Evaluation are Essential for Women’s Complete Health and Wellness(Better Hearing Institute)


  1. Women with hearing loss are more likely to be depressed. 
  2. Hearing loss may mean that cardiovascular abnormalities may also be present.  There have been studies linking the two since the inner ear is sensitive to blood flow.
  3. If you have diabetes, you are twice as likely to have hearing loss. 
  4. Women with a higher body mass index(BMI) and larger waist circumference have a higher risk of hearing loss.
  5. If a woman is treated for cancer, the chemotherapy treatments can damage hearing.
  6. Hearing loss can put you at greater risk of falling.
  7. Hearing loss treatment may benefit long-term cognitive function.  Research shows that hearing aid treatment may delay dementia.
  8. Hearing loss has been linked with common pain relievers.  Ibuprofen and acetaminophen are associated with increased risk of hearing loss.
  9. Addressing hearing loss improves quality of life, earnings and relationships.

10. Today’s hearing aids work and look better than ever.  There is an cosmetically appealing and affordable solution for just about everyone.


If you are a woman over 50, have a hearing evaluation by an audiologist.  If you find out that you are a hearing aid candidate, then at least try hearing aids to see if they can improve the quality of your life.  Visit the Better Hearing Institute website at www.BetterHearing.org for more information and also for a free quick hearing check.


Lori Biasotti, Au.D., CCC-A is a NY State Licensed Audiologist with a private practice Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensing office called Family Hearing Center at 18 Westage Business Center Drive in Fishkill, NY.  Call (845)897-3059 for an appointment.  Also visit the website at www.familyhearing.org.