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Fishkill, NY

Are Your Hearing Aids Fitted Properly?

By: Dr. Lori Biasotti

Hearing aids, when needed and fit properly, make a significant difference for people with hearing loss. Conversations become easier for them and their loved ones with less “whats” and misunderstandings.

As great and helpful as hearing aids are they are not perfect. Continued difficulty in festive, party atmospheres is to be expected. If you don’t get your hearing aids in time for the holidays, or if you wear hearing aids and continue to struggle in noise, here are some tips:

If you have hearing aids and they have directional microphones, make sure they are in an automatic setting or directional mode when in a noisy environment. This will allow better understanding of the people you are facing and less chatter behind you.Have several one-on-one conversations in a quiet section of a room, hopefully, by a cozy fire. You may find this less frustrating and more satisfying then trying to join in large group conversations.When possible, create an environment that will minimize difficulty. Of course this is easiest in your own home. Keep background music low and in the background where it belongs. Keep football games on a TV in a separate room. Try to stay in areas with good lighting. Candlelight is nice, but it is important to see the face.