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9 Signs You Need You Need a Hearing Evaluation

Audiologists are the professionals who will evaluate hearing (and sometimes balance) and provide services or devices to assist in hearing.

Here are some signs that it maybe time to have your hearing checked are as follows:

  • You say “what” frequently or ask people to repeat themselves.
  • You feel like everyone is mumbling.
  • Friends and family members tell you that you have the t.v. volume too loud.
  • You can’t hear the person sitting across from you in a noisy restaurant.
  • People seem to be shouting at you.
  • You often misunderstand parts of conversation
  • You find yourself avoiding the phone or social gatherings
  • There is ringing in your ears
  • You failed a hearing screening

If one or more of these sound like you, call an audiologist today. There are many reasons why people put off taking care of hearing loss. Vanity and the fear of looking older are some reasons for some. Hearing aids are more discreet and comfortable than ever. You are more likely to look older if you have to say ,“what did you say” many times in a conversation. If people need to raise their voice to talk to you it may seem like they are angry when they are not. T.V. volumes at higher levels make it hard to enjoy t.v. with family. Often hearing aids bring more harmony to relationships and family life.

Another website to find an audiologist or information about hearing is www.How’sYourHearing.org. Some offices (like ours) offer free screenings. When an audiologist does a free screening it is a pass/fail test that tells us whether further testing is necessary. An audiologist will then charge, or bill your insurance, for the diagnostic testing that is necessary (and separate) from obtaining a hearing aid. Proper hearing evaluation is necessary for proper hearing aid fitting. Hearing aids are offered in many circuit levels to fit your lifestyle and budget.

May is Better Hearing and Speech month. Have your hearing evaluated today. Okay, June would be a fine time too.